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Uwajima Taimeshi (宇和島鯛めし): Uwajima Sea Bream Rice

Uwajima Taimeshi (宇和島鯛めし) is a local specialty of Ehime Prefecture (Shikoku Region).

It consists of seasoned sea bream sashimi (i.e. raw sea bream slices) on warm white rice. Uwajima Taimeshi is a local variation of taimeshi, and is originally from Uwajima City in Ehime Prefecture (hence the name).

Tai” (鯛) simply means sea bream in Japanese; “meshi” (めし・飯) means rice or meal.

Read on for more interesting info about Uwajima Taimeshi:


uwajima taimeshi 1

The main ingredients of Uwajima Taimeshi are:

  • Rice
  • Sea bream

Raw sea bream is used (i.e. sea bream sashimi). This is different from the more typical taimeshi (or Hojo Taimeshi), which uses cooked fish.

Soy sauce, mirin, and dashi are typical sauce / seasoning ingredients.

The sashimi is usually first marinated or dipped in the sauce, then served over rice. Sometimes, the fish is first layered on the rice, then sauce is poured over everything.

Often, a raw egg is added. It can either be mixed in with the soy sauce marinade, or served on top of everything for you to mix together before eating. Typical garnish ingredients includes sesame seeds, shredded nori (i.e. dried seaweed), and/or green onions.


uwajima ehime shikoku
Uwajima is right next to the sea

Uwajima City is located in the southwestern part of Ehime Prefecture.

Ehime Prefecture is famous for its sea bream production, and in fact, produces half of Japan’s entire sea bream (red sea bream).

You can now also find Uwajima Taimeshi in other parts of the prefecture, not just Uwajima. For example, in the prefecture’s main city of Matsuyama, you can try both Uwajima Taimeshi and Hojo Taimeshi together to see which style you prefer!

Read more about its interesting history below:

History / Origin of Uwajima Taimeshi

Uwajima taimeshi is said to be have been invented by local fishermen of the area.

It was created as a dish that could be eaten on board without the need to cook (or use fire). Fresh sea bream was simply dipped into soy sauce and placed on top of rice.

Originally, other fish besides sea bream was also used such as mackerl, sardines, or tuna. This dish was known as hyugadon / hyugameshi.

Over time, the sea bream version simply became known a taimeshi.

Uwajima Taimeshi Recipe

uwajima taimeshi 2

Coming soon!


Have you ever tried Uwajima Taimeshi before? What did you think of it?

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