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The Chef Dojo’s goal is to become the ultimate FREE resource to learn about Japanese food and cooking.

This site will cover everything from Japanese kitchen knives and cookware, to recipes, techniques, skills and other useful knowledge about Japanese foods.

The site is meant for beginners or amateur chefs, but maybe professionals will also find some useful information.   The Chef Dojo will continue to grow over time with more useful articles and recipes, so come back and visit often!

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Site Categories

If you’re not sure where to start, here is a basic breakdown of each category, and some recommended articles:

Who runs this place?

This site is actually just run by me — Chef Goku!

I am just a regular working guy who loves Japanese food.  I lived in Japan for a couple of years, and have frequently been in and out of the country since 2016.

Every time I leave, I immediately miss the food.

So, I decided that I should learn to cook all the wonderful dishes for myself!

This site was created in 2018 as a way to document everything I learn about Japanese food and cooking.

Cooking also led me to one of my newer obsessions: Japanese kitchen knives!   So, a lot of content on this blog is also dedicated to knives.

Every product recommendation on this site is something that I would personally use myself.  Every recipe is one that I have actually cooked myself.

I hope that you will find something useful at The Chef Dojo.  If you have any feedback, or friendly comments, please send a message.