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What is Yakult 1000? (Ultimate Guide)

yakult 1000 feature

In today’s post, I take a look at the super popular Japanese probiotic drink: Yakult 1000 (and Y1000).

Many people know Yakult as that delicious, refreshing yogurt drink that comes in a super tiny bottle.

But, do you know about Yakult 1000/Y1000 … the upgraded version that supposedly helps you relieve stress and improve sleep?

Read on to find out more:

What is Yakult 1000?

Yakult 1000 (and Yakult Y1000) is a probiotic yogurt drink first released nationwide (Japan) by Yakult back in 2021.

It was scientifically developed and promoted as a drink that helps to relieve stress and improve quality of sleep.

In 2022, it suddenly became super popular when it was promoted by various celebrities, most notably by TV personality “Matsuko Deluxe” (マツコ・デラックス).

In fact, it became so popular that it was often completely sold out in stores. The company had to double its production output just to keep up with demand.

Benefits of Yakult 1000

Trouble sleeping? Try some Yakult 1000.

The two main marketed benefits of Yakult 1000 are:

  • relieve stress
  • improve quality of sleep

How does it work?

Yakult 1000 contains 100 billion units of the healthy lactic acid bacteria strain known as “Lactobacillus casei strain Shirota” (a strain discovered by Yakult’s founder Dr. Shirota).

This is the highest density ever put into Yakult drink. Compare this to the other versions like “New Yakult” which only contains 20 billion units, or “Yakult 400”, which contains just 40 billion units.

A couple of scientific studies showed that daily/frequent consumption of this higher density helped to relieve anxiety, as well as stress-induced abdominal dysfunction.

Another study showed that daily consumption could help maintain sleep quality in times of increasing stress.

One other main benefit — similar to all other versions of Yakult — is improved digestion / intestinal health.


The one major downside of any Yakult drink is the extremely high sugar content:

Yakult 1000 contains 14.1g carbohydrates per 100ml.

Compare this to a standard can of Coca-Cola which contains about 10.6 grams per 100ml.

Of course, an entire Yakult bottle is only 100ml while a can of coke is 330ml.

So, just make sure you limit yourself to one Yakult per day, and you should be fine. 🙂

Yakult 1000 vs Yakult Y1000

yakult 1000 vs yakult y1000

There is actually two versions of the drink: Yakult 1000 and Yakult Y1000.

Yakult 1000 is the “home-version” of the drink (i.e. for home delivery).

Yakult Y1000 is a “store-only” product (i.e. you can buy it at convenience stores and supermarkets).

They are exactly the same, except for the size of the bottle and price. The 1000 version is 100ml and currently costs 130yen, while the Y1000 version is slightly bigger at 110ml, and costs 150yen.

Yakult 1000 vs Yakult (other)

new yakult vs yakult1000
“New Yakult” vs Yakult 1000 bottles

Yakult 1000/Y1000 has more than double the amount of lactic acid bacteria strain (Lactobacillus casei strain Shirota) compared to other versions.

For example, “New Yakult” only contains about 20 billion units, while “Yakult 400” contains just 40 billion units.  Yakult 1000 contains 100 billion units.

The bottle sizing and pricing is also different. Yakult 1000/Y1000 is slightly bigger and more expensive.

Yakult 1000 is 100ml and costs 130 yen. Y1000 is 110ml and costs 150 yen.

“Yakult 400” variations come in 80ml bottles and cost 80 yen. “New Yakult” comes in 65ml bottles and cost only 40yen.

The raw ingredients are very similar (milk, sugar/sweetener). For a full nutritional comparison, check out their official chart.

When to drink Yakult 1000?

According to the official website, you can drink it at anytime. It is not more effective to drink it in the morning, or at night.

The important thing is to drink it every day to improve your intestinal health and incur the other benefits (i.e. stress relief, better sleep).

How to drink Yakult 1000?

It is just like any other drink, so drink it whenever you feel most convenient.

Personally, I like to drink Yakult after a meal. It is sweet, so it’s almost like a dessert with healthy benefits 🙂

The company recommends you drink one everyday to increase/maintain the amount of good bacteria in your intestinal system.

Where to buy Yakult 1000

yakult y1000 supermarket
Yakult Y1000 at the supermarket

If you’re in Japan, just head on down to the supermarket or convenience store and hope they have some in stock. You can also order directly from the official Yakult online shop, or find your local Yakult Lady

There are even some vending machines that sell Yakult 1000.

For international people, check can try Amazon Japan, although shipping costs might be high: Yakult 1000 Amazon link


Yakult 1000 was INSANELY popular last year. I remember my girlfriend and her friends going to the supermarket just to buy it, then coming back saying it was sold out. It is easier to find nowadays, but still very popular.

Does it actually work? Some people say yes, some people can’t tell the difference.

Let me know in the comments:

Have you ever tried Yakult 1000?

Did it work for you??


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